Review: Effective Information Security Writing

Writing good reports is in my opinion one of the most import tasks for people who work in security, no matter if pentesting, forensics or other topics. The report is the final product of your work, it is leaving an impression even after some time and it represents your company, your department and yourself. Unfortunately some people underestimate this topic.

But there is a course with great content: Effective Information Security Writing by Chris Sanders.

Course Syllabus:
* Module 1: Telling a Story
* Module 2: Writing Penetration Testing Reports
* Module 3: Forensic Writing
* Module 4: Most Common Writing Mistakes

The price is pretty fair, 97$ at the time of this writing. Even folks who don’t like to write reports gave me great feedback, and for myself I can highly recommend it. It takes about 6-8h for going through, you have access to forums and in the end you get a certificate of completion. Although writing lot’s of reports over the past years I got some great new ideas for imrovement.

More about that topic:

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